Friday, January 13, 2012

Jim Sneegas' 74 inch 1919 J model

When I was in second grade my family moved to the other side of town. I had to go to a new school and make new friends. The Sneegas family lived two blocks from me and a block away from my new school. I became fast friends with Parish who was my age. I would stay the night at his house and he at mine. I loved going to his house because his dad ,Jim Sneegas, had a shop full of old Harleys he would buy and restore. I remember most of all how much I liked the smell of his old motorcycle shop. Parish and I would ride our bicycles around with cards in the spokes wearing our Levis cuffed, Chuck Taylor shoes and white T-shirts while pretending to be the motorcycle guys we would see in the old pictures on Jim's shop walls...

Jim is still putting old bikes together and this 1919 J model is his latest project.

That is the same gravel alley that I rode my first motorcycle in when I was around 9.

Thanks for letting me take that first motorcycle ride and for sending the pictures and words Jim.

Much respect - Lucas