Friday, August 5, 2011

Bike Night With Vise Grip in Austin

Every Thursday night in Austin you can find the Vise Grip boys at "the Slice" talking about what they've been doing to their bikes in the last week and what they are working on currently. Dave put a pan together in a week, Brian is getting close on a Generator Shovel, Matt always has new plans. I hadn't seen Bill in about two years. Nick and a lot of other guys and gals were there too. Home Slice had built an additional building right next to the old one, so they have a parking lot to congregate in now(In the old days we had to park in the street). Definitely felt right at home with these guys and love to see so many cool bikes all coming out for the weekly meet up.You can eat and drink right on the sidewalk, so get down here and grab a slice.


  1. bill wanted me to remind you who has been holding that spot down for the last six roundups....

  2. Bill Wood has been holding down the Austin chopper scene in general for at least that long...