Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ode to the 74

500 pounds of black paint, chrome and steel.
With power that seems almost unreal.
Vibrating as it idles, the engine warms up;
Everything is shiny,every bolt, screw and nut.
A little lurch forward as I jam it in gear;
On gets the ol' lady taking her place in the rear.
Up on the highway, and back into 4th;
Our destination, just anywhere North.
The engine's running strong, and I can't hear a miss;
The wind hits our faces like a cold whore's kiss.
In the cars that pass, I see some shaking their heads,
Thinking bikers like us would be better off dead.
Deep in their hearts, they would like to be as I,
But brainwashed by society, they keep living their lie.
If anyone, and I mean anyone, were to say;
"give up this life, or with your life you'll pay!"
I would answer,and my words would be few;


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